Alison Oxtoby Head Teacher at Dunswell Academy

Dan has worked with Year 5 and 6 children at our school for two and a half years. Dan always develops great relationships with the children making them feel safe and happy in their learning environment. Dan can quickly assess and understand children’s needs and where they might need further support. He is able to ensure that the work set meets the needs of individual children and is clearly adapted to guarantee that all children make progress. Children always respond well to how their learning is delivered and the feedback they receive supports them in making the necessary improvements. Dan’s subject knowledge, particularly in the Year 6 SATs, supports children in preparing for where they need to be by the end of Key Stage Two.

Deborah - Teaching Assistant at Dunswell Academy

I have worked with Dan for almost 3 years and I believe that his personable and calm classroom manner along with his wealth of teaching experience make him a perfect choice for any pupils wanting to enhance their learning.

Children’s comments

Excellent teacher, helped me become a Greater Depth writer.
Mr Ward is always kind, he never makes you rush. If you try a test it doesn’t matter whether you do better than other people, it’s only about trying your hardest and doing better for yourself.
One year ago, I used to get 15 out of 40 in arithmetic tests, now I am getting 39 out of 40! I’ve improved a lot - thanks to Mr Ward!
Mr Ward really helps me with Maths, in Class 3 I was on CLIC 15 but now I’m on CLIC 20 (the highest level)!
Mr Ward has been a very supportive and really kind teacher. I have learnt so well from his amazing teaching.
Mr Ward is always kind and polite. He is super-good at teaching me things and always stays calm.
Mr Ward is very enthusiastic and his teaching is always fun!
Mr Ward is a reliable and trustworthy teacher. Every time I have had problems during lessons he has helped me to overcome them.
He always listens to our ideas and includes everyone. He doesn’t rush us and is brilliant at teaching!


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Tel: 07780 701 727